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Pure Fasting Support 1.0

Pure Fasting Support 1.0

Fasting for Fat Loss. Made Easier.

A powder mix to add to hot drinks during fasts. Formulated to help anyone fast more easily. Perfect to support fat loss goals via fasting.


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Diet Compatibility

  • GF Gluten Free
  • GM GMO Free
  • K Ketogenic
  • P Paleo
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  • 2 Years

    Trials with Fasting Clients

  • 4 Years

    Research into Fasting for Fat Loss

Formulated to Make Fasting Easier

  • Hunger is the #1 Challenge for Most People

    ⦿ Hunger is what stops most people from fasting.

    ⦿ It rapidly climbs within the first 24 hours of any fasting.

    ⦿ This can prevent you from sticking to your fasting. And this makes it harder to hit your fat loss goals.

    ⦿ By reducing hunger, you'll find it easier. And this will directly translate to you doing it more.

  • Hunger Reduction via Protein & Carnitine

    ⦿ Fasting Support 1.0 has two ingredients designed to help reduce hunger.

    ⦿ First, you have a very low carb whey isolate protein. Protein is satiating and helps to push off hunger.

    ⦿ Second, you have carnitine. Carnitine has been shown in the research to be remarkably effective at reducing hunger in people while they are fasting (see chart).

  • Access Appetite Reduction Ketosis

    ⦿ Fasting Support is designed to boost your ketones to appetite reduction ketosis while fasting.

    ⦿ Appetite reduction ketosis is the level of ketosis at which your appetite is reduced.

    ⦿ When you fast your body starts to make ketones after a certain number of hours (see the chart above).

    ⦿ However, most people don't make enough ketones to reach appetite reduction ketosis until later in their fast.

    ⦿ The Pure C8 MCT Oil in the Fasting Support can boost your ketones earlier. So that you get the appetite reduction benefit when you need it most.

"Fat Loss Fasting" Compliant

The Fasting Support 1.0 was designed from the ground up to support our clients in our fat loss accelerate program.

This meant it had to follow some key parameters we have for successful fat loss.

The first parameter is that it had to lead to a caloric deficit with the fast - to ensure fat loss.

So we designed Fasting Support 1.0 to achieve this no matter the fasting method you are using (chart on right).

  • Fatigue is the 2nd Reason People Don't Fast More

    ⦿ It can be hard to fit fasting in when you have a lot to do.

    ⦿ Most of the time we hear this is because you're concerned about feeling fatigued while fasting.

    ⦿ So you put the fast off - until a time that works better. That doesn't always arrive.

    ⦿ This means less fasting. And less fat loss. But what if we solved the fatigue?

  • Electrolytes Insurance

    ⦿ When fasting, it's easy to become deficient in electrolytes because you are eating less food to get them.

    ⦿ Fasting support helps replace the electrolytes you would get from food. This helps to ensure deficiency doesn't drive any fasting symptoms that would hold you back.

  • Carnitine For Fasting Fatigue

    ⦿ Carnitine has been shown in the research to be remarkably effective at reducing fatigue while fasting.


What ingredients are in Pure Fasting Support 1.0?

Whey Protein Isolate, Pure C8 MCT Powder (CaprylicAcid Triglycerides (C8 MCT Oil), Acacia Gum, SunflowerLecithin), L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, Sea Salt, PotassiumChloride, Magnesium Glycinate.

Is Pure Fasting Support only for people who are fasting?

Yes. Fasting Support has specifically been designed to support people who are fasting for fat loss goals.

How many servings of Fasting Support can I take on a fast?

You can take two servings of Fasting Support 1.0 per day on fasting days.

When should I take Fasting Support?

Take it when you wake up in the morning. Then take it again if you feel hungry or tired during your fast.

This ensures it best supports your fast.

What is Appetite Reduction Ketosis?

Appetite reduction ketosis is the level of blood BHB ketones at which an appetite reduction mechanism is activated.

This level is at 0.5 mmol/L with home blood ketone meters.

Have a Question About Pure Fasting Support 1.0?

Our keto and fasting experts are here to answer any questions you might have.

  • Active Ingredient Purity

    ⦿ We carefully select and lab test all of our ingredients to ensure they meet the highest purity standards.

    ⦿ Importantly, this includes testing to ensure the supplement contains the levels of the active ingredients (e.g. C8 MCT) that provide you with the benefits you are looking for.

  • Ultra-Low Contaminant Levels

    ⦿ Heavy metals and other contaminants are unfortunately widespread in our environment today.

    ⦿ At Ketosource we have set higher standards for ultra low levels of these contaminants.

    We lab test our ingredients and our products to ensure we meet these standards.

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