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Ketosource Pure Acacia

Ketosource Pure Acacia

A pure fibre to add to hot drinks. Zero calories and blood glucose impact. Perfectly suited to those fasting or following a keto diet. But works with any diet.


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Ketone Support

  • Ketone Impact: Zero negative impacts on ketones.
  • Glucose Impact: Zero increase in glucose levels.
  • Carb Content: 0g Per Serving

Purity Standards

  • Acacia Purity: 100% Organic Senegal Acacia
  • Quality: Ultra low heavy metal and microbiological presence.

Diet Compatibility

  • DF Dairy Free
  • GF Gluten Free
  • GM GMO Free
  • P Paleo
  • V Vegan
  • VG Vegetarian
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  • 4 X Ketone Boost

    ◉ C8 MCT creates 4 X ketones versus other MCTs like C10 and C12.

    ◉ Mixed MCT oils contain a mix of MCTs including C8, C10 and C12.
    ◉ Because mixed MCT oils contain less C8, they boost ketone levels by less.

  • 1 Hour to Ketosis

    ◉ The keto diet, fasting and MCT oils will put you in ketosis.

    ◉ C8 MCT Powder puts you into ketosis within 1 hour.

    ◉ This means it is 21 X faster than fasting and 46 X faster than the keto diet.

  • 2 Hours in Ketosis

    ◉ Once in ketosis, Pure C8 MCT Powder will keep you there for ~2 hours.

    ◉ You can take C8 MCT Powder several times over the day to reboost into ketosis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Not acacia Senegal but ok. It’s not clear what it is exactly from info.

Kay Davies
Acacia powder

Really easy to use . Iovely product.

  • Everything You Need. Nothing You Don't.

    Things You Do Want

    - Active Ingredient Purity. Pure Acacia Fibre has the highest purity level of the active ingredient Acacia.

    Things You Don't Want

    - No Added Synthetic Ingredients

    - No Hidden Carbs
    - No Solvents or Other Contaminants

    - No Heavy Metals

    - No Micro contamination

  • 100% Macros & Ingredients Transparency

    ◉ One Ingredient Only
    Organic Senegal Acacia Fibre (also known as Acacia Gum)

    ◉ Full Transparency
    We publish detailed nutritional information so you see exactly what's inside.

  • Add to Any Zero Carb Drink

    Upgrade your coffee by mixing C8 MCT Powder in.

    Add C8 MCT Powder to your preferred tea if you're not a coffee fan. It has the same effects.

    Any Other Zero Carb Drink
    Add C8 MCT Powder to any other zero carb drink.

  • Take Up to 3 Times Daily

    Start with 1 Scoop
    To avoid stomach upset start with 1 scoop (25 ml) per dose.

    Work Up to 2 Scoops per Dose
    The full dose is 2 scoops (50 ml). Add a second scoop after your first week. So from week 2 you are taking a full 2 x scoops dose (50 ml).

    Take Up to Three Times per Day
    You can take one dose several times per day. It's best to space these out by 4 hours or more.

  • Don't Take It With Any Carbs

    Carbs Reduce the Effects
    Any carbs and sugars you take will reduce the effects of Pure C8 MCT Powder.

    If You Take with Food, Make it Fat or Protein Only
    If you take C8 MCT Oil Powder with fat or protein only, you'll still get the ketone boosting effects.

    For Fat Loss Goals Don't Take With Food
    If your goal is fat loss you shouldn't take the C8 MCT Powder with meals. This is because taking it with any calories will reduce the impacts of its appetite reduction effects.

  • For All Goals

    Avoid taking with any carbs or sugars because this reduces the ketone boosting effect.

  • For Fat Loss Goals

    Best taken without other calories an hour before you eat.

How to Take It

◉ Start with 1/2 dose (25 ml) and build up to the full dose (50 ml) after the first week is over.

◉ Take 1 dose from 1 to 3 times daily depending on your goals.

◉ Warning: Slight indigestion may occur at first. Only increase your dose size if your stomach feels okay.

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