DEXA Body Scan with Consultation
DEXA Body Scan with Consultation
DEXA Body Scan with Consultation
DEXA Body Scan with Consultation
DEXA Body Scan with Consultation
DEXA Body Scan with Consultation
DEXA Body Scan with Consultation

DEXA Body Scan with Consultation


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Have a Question About DEXA Body Scan with Consultation?

Our keto and fasting experts are here to answer any questions you might have.


  • It's a very low-level x-ray scan that provides data on your anatomy including your fat mass, your lean mass, and your bone mineral density.
  • The data from the DEXA is the gold standard in terms of measurement of your body fat percentage and total mass. 


We find that the DEXA Body Scan can be very useful for motivation and achieving more permanent lifestyle adjustments. 

It does this by giving you a lot more clarity. Specifically:

  1. Gives You An Accurate "Weight" Goal: Due to wide variation in body sizes and the level of fat mass and lean mass in the body you can't set a 'weight' goal for your weight loss easily. Often we find clients set goals that are unrealistic and demotivate them. The DEXA gives you precise clarity on how much Fat Loss Mass you can aim to lose in a healthy fashion. It will tell you if your weight goal is too extreme and will result in a lean mass loss (e.g. muscle) and thus decrease your health.
  2. Increases Your Motivation to Lose Body Fat: We find that clients get a big boost in motivation when they have an exact reliable metric telling them their true body fat %. This allows them to set goals that they can reliably achieve and get re-tested on DEXA to confirm they've made it. It increases your accountability as you know you're going to retest your DEXA in say 3 months or 6 months' time - and you want to make sure the number hits your goal.


  1. You will go to one of two locations in London, UK (Marylebone or the City) to have your DEXA scan which takes around 1 hour including the consultation and explanation of the data by the Dexa Scan clinician.
  2. You will then do a 1-on-1 consult with a Ketosource Nutrition Consultant to discuss the results and how to translate them to any changes in your Keto & Fasting lifestyle.
  3. In many cases, we recommend a progress scan in 3 months or 6 months' time depending on your goals. This helps lock in your motivation and will give you clarity on your progress.


There are other ways people measure Body Fat. However, these are not gold standards and suffer from inaccuracies:

  • Bioelectric Impedance Analysis: You often see these devices in gyms, where you stand on the machine with bare feet and hold two grips with your hands. It uses an electric pulse to estimate your body fat %. This is the least accurate and in particular, is affected by your hydration levels and the type of machine. These machines vary widely in quality and the results they provide. If you use this, only look at the relevant change. In addition, try to be at the same hydration level each time you use it. This way variation in your results is reduced making numbers more reliable.
  • BodPod: This is where you sit in a bubble that adds pressured air to estimate your body fat %. This is more reliable than impedance, but also has discrepancies. It is of a similar cost to DEXA. So given its lower accuracy and that it provides a lot less data, it doesn't make a lot of sense to use.


    We recommend DEXA for people who are taking their fat loss and body composition goals seriously. It makes a difference to your fat loss journey via:

    • Gives you clarity on where you are and where you need to get to
    • Giving you accountability as you progress

    Ultimately we expect these to increase the long-term fat loss results people see over time.