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Pure C8 MCT Oil

Pure C8 MCT Oil

A ketone-boosting oil to add to drinks or take straight. Formulated to help anyone with ketosis and perfectly suited to those following a keto diet and fasting. But works with any diet.


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Ketone Support

  • Ketone Boost: Boosts Ketones into Appetite Reduction Ketosis Range Within 1 Hour. 4X Ketone Boost versus Other MCTs.
  • Carb Content: 0g Per Bottle

Purity Standards

Diet Compatibility

  • DF Dairy Free
  • GF Gluten Free
  • GM GMO Free
  • K Ketogenic
  • P Paleo
  • V Vegan
  • VG Vegetarian
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  • 4 X Ketone Boost

    ◉ C8 MCT creates 4 X ketones versus other MCTs like C10 and C12.

    ◉ Mixed MCT oils contain a mix of MCTs including C8, C10 and C12.
    ◉ Because mixed MCT oils contain less C8, they boost ketone levels by less.

  • 1 Hour to Ketosis

    ◉ The keto diet, fasting and MCT oils will put you in ketosis.

    ◉ C8 MCT puts you into ketosis within 1 hour.

    ◉ This means it is 21 X faster than fasting and 46 X faster than the keto diet.

  • 2 Hours in Ketosis

    ◉ Once in ketosis, Pure C8 MCT will keep you there for ~2 hours.

    ◉ You can take C8 MCT several times over the day to reboost into ketosis.

  • 99%+ Pure C8 MCT Oil

    The purity of Pure C8 gives it two advantages:

    C8 MCT is more ketogenic than other MCTs.

    Pure C8 has more C8 MCT per dose than other MCT products.

  • Tested by Independent Labs

    We have all batches tested by independent labs for:

    To confirm high levels of the active ingredient.

    To confirm ultra-low contaminant levels like heavy metals.

  • 100% Coconut Sourced

    Only coconuts are used to make C8 MCT.

    All coconuts used are certified sustainably sourced.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jane Cohen
Securely packaged and arrived on time

The oil arrived safely on time and securely packaged. It is pleasant to take by the spoon.

Value for money

As a Pensioner, I tend to look for the best available within my budget and at the present time this fits the bill, although the Bottle is not that easy to dispense from, a bottle with a pourer would be more useful as was the case on my previous oil, so I transfer it into the "old" container, so for anyone that see's my oil in the kitchen, it's not your bottle they see!

Susan S.

The best……..

Maria P.
Happy customer

The best MCT oil I had so far


Wish this was CV offered in a glass bottle

Leif Jensen

It’s to early for me to give an review

kathy bowers

Going well started on small amount as you suggested.

Kay Sweeney

Not making much difference to my Hunger pangs. I’m taking 2 teaspoon now

Monika Rudzki

Pure C8 MCT Oil

C8 MCT Oil

It is life Changing. I was having a early sign of dementia in my early age from consuming a incredibly high amount of Carbs.i could not remember if I lock my door after leaving to work and now I don’t have this any more. C8 MCT oil is a life saver literally. I feel blessed for finding it and not suffer as I did in the past. God Bless. I try keto and C8 for 2 weeks and I lost 10Kg and my memory was like never in my life.

  • Everything You Need. Nothing You Don't.

    Things You Do Want

    - Active Ingredient Purity. Pure C8 MCT oil has the highest purity level of the active ketone boosting ingredient C8 MCT.

    Things You Don't Want

    - No Added Synthetic Ingredients

    - No Hidden Carbs
    - No Solvents or Other Contaminants

    - No Heavy Metals

    - No Micro contamination

  • 100% Macros & Ingredients Transparency

    ◉ One Ingredient Only
    C8 MCT Oil (Caprylic Acid Triglyceride)

    ◉ Full Transparency
    We publish detailed nutritional information so you see exactly what's inside.

  • Add to Any Zero Carb Drink

    Upgrade your coffee by mixing C8 MCT Oil in. Take it one step further by also adding acacia fiber to make it creamy.

    Add C8 MCT to your preferred tea if you're not a coffee fan. It has the same effects.

    Any Other Zero Carb Drink
    Add C8 MCT Oil to any other zero carb drink.

  • Take it Straight

    Start with 1 Teaspoon
    To avoid stomach upset start with 1 teaspoon (5ml) per dose.

    Work Up to 3 Teaspoons
    The full dose is 3 teaspoons (the same as 1 tablespoon). Build up 1 teaspoon per week, so by week 3 you are taking a full tablespoon dose (15ml).

    Take Up to Three Times per Day
    You can take one dose several times per day. It's best to space these out by 4 hours or more.

  • Don't Take It With Any Carbs

    Carbs Reduce the Effects
    Any carbs and sugars you take will reduce the effects of Pure C8 MCT.

    If You Take with Food, Make it Fat or Protein Only
    If you take C8 MCT Oil with fat or protein only, you'll still get the ketone boosting effects.

    For Fat Loss Goals Don't Take With Food
    If your goal is fat loss you shouldn't take the C8 MCT oil with meals. This is because taking it with any calories will reduce the impacts of its appetite reduction effects.

  • For All Goals

    Avoid taking with any carbs or sugars because this reduces the ketone boosting effect.

  • For Fat Loss Goals

    Best taken without other calories an hour before you eat.

How to Take It

◉ Start with 1/3 dose (5ml) and build up to the full dose (15ml) over 3 weeks.

◉ Take 1 dose from 1 to 3 times daily depending on your goals.

◉ Warning: Slight indigestion may occur at first. Only increase your dose size if your stomach feels okay.

Have a Question About Pure C8 MCT Oil?

Our keto and fasting experts are here to answer any questions you might have.


How does C8 MCT oil work for fat loss?

C8 MCT oil turns into ketones when you take it. And when you take C8 MCT oil an hour before a meal, you have enough ketones to reduce your appetite at that meal.

When your appetite is reduced, you eat less at mealtimes and take in fewer calories over the day. This helps you to lose fat over time.

Will C8 MCT oil cause stomach upset

Stomach symptoms (ache, pain, loose stools, diarrhoea) are common with all MCT oils.

Scientific research studies show up to 40% of people experience them with a 20ml dose.

It isn’t yet clear in research why. But there is evidence it may be linked to dose size, time getting used to the oil, the dosage protocol used and an individual person’s general stomach condition or microbiome.

In our 8 years experience, it is clear that far fewer people experience symptoms with Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil. Only 0.36% of our clients report stomach symptoms. This may be due to our oil’s purity and our tried and tested dosing protocol.

Takeaway: Please make sure to use the dosing instructions from the packaging to avoid stomach upset.

  1. Start with one teaspoon only.
  2. Only increase your dose each week if your stomach feels okay.
  3. In case of stomach ache or loose stools. Fix it by following these three steps: A) Reduce dose to ½ teaspoon only.
    B) Take it with fibre (e.g. acacia fibre).
    C) Send us a message to get our help. We will fix any remaining issues and help you increase to normal dose safely.

How much palm kernel oil is in C8 MCT oil?

100% of Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil comes from sustainably farmed coconut oil.

We don't use any palm oil or palm materials to make Pure C8 MCT Oil.

What method is used to extract the C8 MCT Oil?

For the Pure C8 MCT oil, a minimal process has been used to extract the C8 from its original sources. No solvents are used for the extraction. The process involves combining steam, active carbon, bleaching earth and glycerine with a capric or caprylic acid MCT oil input. It's primarily using 'high surface' area binders to ensure our purity standards.

If you've used activated charcoal (active carbon) before as a supplement, it's the same idea. The parts of the oil and any impurities get bound to the high surface area, by active carbon and bleached earth (terrible name - a lot less insidious than it sounds).

Bleaching earth is comparable to things like bentonite clay in function. These then pass through filters that collect the aggregated bound parts of the input, leaving the C8 to filter out alone.

I’m on a calorie controlled diet. Can I use C8 MCT oil as well or is it only for keto diets?

C8 MCT oil will work when following any diet. This is because C8 MCT oil helps reduce your appetite. And it can do this without you changing your diet. This helps you eat less at your meals, regardless of what you eat.

Should I use C8 MCT oil in bulletproof coffee?

You can use C8 MCT oil in your bulletproof coffee but it lessens the benefit of the oil. If your goal is fat loss you should avoid adding it to your bulletproof coffee altogether.

Bulletproof coffee is great for other goals, but not fat loss. In fact, bulletproof coffee is likely to contribute to weight gain.

Get in touch with our Nutrition Analysts for free advice to attain your goals via our contact page.

How should I store C8 MCT oil?

The best place to keep your C8 MCT oil is in a cool dark place like a cupboard. That way it will stay pourable whenever you need it. It is not necessary to keep the oil in the fridge.

Your C8 MCT oil is very stable and does not need to be stored in the fridge. Like most oils when refrigerated it turns from a liquid to a solid state.

Can I put C8 MCT oil in hot drinks?

Heat can impact the C8 MCT oil. But putting it into hot drink such as coffee, tea or herbal tea is completely fine. Especially if those drinks have zero calories. That is a very popular way to use it.

C8 MCT oil has a smoke point of 160 degrees celsius. So as long as you avoid cooking or frying the C8 MCT oil, the heat won't negatively impact it.

Does it contain Lauric Acid (C12)?

This product contains no lauric acid as it is designed to be a pure source of C8 MCT (Caprylic Acid). The Lauric Acid (also known as C12) has been completely removed.

For clarification on this you can check the nutrition facts label on this page. It shows lists C12 (Lauric Acid) as 0g per 100g.

We remove all C12 (and C10) from Pure C8 MCT Oil. This is because neither are effective at boosting ketones. Lauric Acid has a particularly low impact on ketones - so this is also removed from our other product, Pure MCT Oil.

What is the shelf-life once opened? How long will it last?

Each bottle of C8 MCT oil comes with a best before date on the package.

Food regulations require that the item have a best before date but its shelf life is far longer than the Best Before Date.

This is because the oil is a very stable fatty acid. It doesn't damage easily. Opening the bottle or keeping it at room temperature has no impact on it's shelf-life.

So you can safely use the C8 MCT oil long past its best before date. If your bottle is over one year after the best before date, please contact us to discuss further.

Can I use C8 MCT oil for something other than fat loss?

Yes, C8 MCT oil has been linked to various health benefits.

Here at Ketosource we are focused on fat loss. But we have collected some interesting research on various other topics. These include type 1 & 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, physical endurance and more.

You can get in touch with our Nutrition Analysts via our contact page to find out if we have some extra resources for you.

Can I use C8 MCT oil if I'm pregnant?

I have not seen anything to suggest that C8 MCT oil could be dangerous while pregnant.

But I'm afraid I cannot be 100% certain until I’ve seen research on it. So it’s best to speak with your doctor to be sure.

My dog has epilepsy. Can I give them C8 MCT oil?

There is some research to support the use of C8 MCT oil to support humans and canines with epilepsy.

If you write to us here and let us know your dog's weight, age and if they are neutered one of our nutritional analysts will get back to you.

We would love to help your pup feel better.

What is the difference between Pure C8 MCT Oil and Pure MCT Oil?

Pure C8 MCT Oil and Pure MCT Oil both contain C8 MCT.

The only difference is that Pure C8 MCT Oil has more C8 MCT per ml than Pure MCT Oil.

In the research C8 MCT helps with fat loss by giving you appetite-reducing ketones. So you’ll need more Pure MCT Oil per dose than Pure C8 MCT Oil to get the same amount of ketones.

  • Pure C8 MCT Oil (500ml PET Bottle)

    The popular choice when starting out with C8 MCT Oil.

  • Pure C8 MCT Oil (500ml Glass Bottle)

    The sustainable option. In a recyclable glass bottle. Removes all contact with plastics.

  • Pure C8 MCT Oil (1000ml PET Bottle)

    The largest bottle available. A value size solution for those looking to get more C8 MCT oil and spend less.

  • Pure C8 MCT Oil (100ml PET Travel Bottle)

    The smallest bottle available. Perfect for airline travel or to take on trips.

  • Pure C8 MCT Oil Packets (15ml a pack)

    Individual packets in a box of 15. Easy to bring on the go and use when out and about.

Research on Pure C8 MCT Oil

Articles Summarizing Research

Scientific Studies on C8 MCT Oil's Effects

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