Zero Noodles 200g

Zero Noodles 200g

Zero Noodles

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    • Low calorie alternative to pasta, noodles and rice
    • Made from Konjac Glucomannan fibre
    • Suitable for vegans/vegetarians
  • GF Gluten Free
  • K Ketogenic
  • V Vegan
  • VG Vegetarian


 These noodles are made from Konjac Glucomannan, a natural soluble fibre produced by the Konjac Plant which is then mixed with water.

White/translucent in colour, the noodles are slightly gelatinous in texture. They are suspended in water and double-bagged for quality.

This low-calorie alternative is relatively tasteless, like regular pasta or rice, and absorbs the flavour of the food and sauce in which they are cooked.
Prior to eating, the noodles must be rinsed well under warm water before being added to the other ingredients and warmed through.


• Fat Free
• Sugar Free
• Gluten Free
• Wheat Free
• Soy Free
• High Fibre
• Low GI
• Low Calorie
• Suitable for Vegans
• Suitable for Vegetarians
• Suitable for people with Type 2 Diabetes

Ingredients: Water, Konnyaku Glucomannan Flour, Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide