SweetLeaf Stevia Extract 25g
SweetLeaf Stevia Extract 25g

SweetLeaf Stevia Extract 25g

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    • Pure Organic Stevia leaf extract.
    • Zero calories, zero carbs, no artificial sweeteners
    • 300 times sweeter than sugar.
  • GF Gluten Free
  • GM GMO Free
  • O Organic


Organic Stevia Extract 25g by SweetLeaf is a natural, non-GMO sweetener. This is a pure, premium-quality stevia product in which Organic Stevia Leaf Extract is the only ingredient. It is a great organic sugar substitute that has zero calories and carbs.

The other version of the SweetLeaf Stevia Shaker is also available - SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Shaker.

If you prefer liquid versions, we also offer SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia and SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia 50ml.

Stevia is a green, leafy plant native to South America, that has many medicinal benefits. It has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-glycaemic properties.

Using stevia can help with lowering blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, as well as with regulating blood sugar levels in the body. It is also good for stimulating mental activity and improving energy levels.

SweetLeaf Stevia Sweeteners are one of the most popular Stevia brands in the natural foods marketplace.

Since this product is very strong and equals to almost 17 pounds of sugar, the 25 gram container is enough for 1,000 servings.

Stevia extract has the sweetness of 300-360 times that of sugar, so make sure to use it sparingly. This product is extremely concentrated since it is not mixed with any other ingredients

Ingredients: Organic Stevia Leaf Extract