Nick's Stevia Dark Chocolate

Nick's Stevia Dark Chocolate

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    • Dark Stevia Chocolate contains no added sugar.
    • Natural sweeteners: Stevia, Sukrin.
    • Contains prebiotic fibre.
  • V Vegan


Stevia Dark Chocolate by LUB Foods is a chocolate with no added sugar. Instead, as a sweetener, it uses a combination of Stevia and Sukrin.

Stevia extract from Stevia Plant's leaf is a sugar replacement that promotes weight loss. Unlike other sugar substitutes, Stevia is natural. Studies show that this zero-calorie sweetener can lower blood pressure.

Sukrin (erythritol) is a 100% natural product, free of additives. Similarly to Stevia, it contains no calories and provides no blood sugar or insulin level spikes. Sukrin has around 70% of the sweetness of commercial sugar.

The main ingredient is Cacao. Its beans provide great health benefits and many consider them a natural anti-depressant and antioxidant. In addition, cacao beans are good for the cardiovascular system because they contain polyphenols and magnesium, which can help with reducing blood pressure and promoting good heart health.

The product also contains natural vanilla aroma, which enhances the flavour of the cocoa beans.

Note: The product may contain traces of nuts, milk and soya. In addition, excessive intake might cause laxative effects.

Ingredients: Cocoa (mass and butter) >60%, isomalto oligosaccharides (fibre), erythritol, sunflower lecithin, steviol glykosides.

Nutrition information per 80g: Energy: 338 kcal
Fat: 29.2 g
- of which saturated fat: 17.4 g
Carbohydrate: 17.8 g
- of which sugar: 0.6 g
- of which polyols: 15 g
- net carbohydrates: 2.8 g
Fiber: 22.7 g
Protein: 4.8 g
Salt: 0.12 g