MCT Oil for Fat Loss

MCT Oil for Fat Loss

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Have you ever wondered if the claims behind MCT oil and fat loss are true? Would you like to increase your fat burning potential and lower your appetite?

Using the latest scientific research on MCT oil and its effects on weight loss, this course gives you all the information you need to understand and implement your own MCT oil protocol to maximise fat loss.

This course arms you with the knowledge to identify if MCT oil will aid your fat loss at this point in time, the best MCT oil product for fat loss ketosis and how to avoid or overcome negative effects.

The course includes the following topics:

  • What MCT oil actually is and where it comes from.
  • The truth behind many of the MCT oil marketing claims.
  • The benefits of taking MCT oil for your body weight.
  • The benefits of taking MCT oil during Keto-induction.
  • Examples of inappropriate use and what effects that may have.
  • How to overcome common problems and side effects while taking MCT oil.
  • A Personal MCT Oil Protocol for Fat Loss.

The innovative ‘Keto solver’ tool at the end of the course takes all the guessing work out of developing an MCT oil Protocol for fat loss. Through a series of questions the ‘Keto Solver’ will tell you exactly how much, at what time and for how long you should take MCT oil to maximise your fat loss.