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What Accelerate Does For You

  • Fat Loss Focus: Accelerate is a program designed to accelerate your fat loss journey to give you the quickest access to the best from our research that's a direct fit for your situation.
  • Lowest cost option: This program is designed to be the most accessible - so we've done everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible while supporting your fat loss the best way we know how. We have other higher cost programs like Accelerate PRO that are also more intensive and involve more face to face coaching.

How accelerate Works

#1 Priority Expert Support

  • What is Expert Support? Our team are trained nutrition analysts. Most are scientists. Most have nutritional education backgrounds also. But most importantly, they make use of the Ketosource knowledge base and data sets that empower them to serve you with the best of our research and discoveries over the last 6 years.
  • Priority Access to Ensure You Get Responses Within 24 Hours: We know it's frustrating to wait for an answer when you need it. This services prioritises your requests so they go right to the top of our team's inbox. They are prioritized as urgent, and we have targets to get every request answered within 24 hours at the latest for our Accelerate members. (Note: Except weekends or bank holidays, where you can expect up to 48 hour response times).
  • Typical Support We Provide: You can ask any question or help with anything for your fat loss journey, or keto, fasting or MCT oil related. However, these are the most commons things we work on with you: Giving you the best how to get started for your situation, giving you more clarity on how keto, fasting or MCT works for fat loss, correcting any implementation mistakes that are getting in your way, troubleshooting slow fat loss or fat loss plateaus, helping you remove hunger and cravings, setting realistic weight loss goals and helping you to modify your lifestyle (thus making it easier). 

#2 Ketosource Video Training Vault

  • What is the Vault? Over the years Ketosource has run many paid and free training events. The vault provides you access to all of these. Included are is famous Keto Results Challenge, the Health Professional workshop and many webinars focused on specific applications of ketogenic diets, fasting and MCT oils.
  • In-Depth Fat Loss Trainings: Hours and hours of video trainings go more in depth on how and why ketogenic diets, fasting, MCT oils and exogenous ketones work for fat loss. If you like to understand why something works, going beyond just being able to apply it - this is where you can gain that understanding.
  • Advanced Topic Deep Dives: Enthusiastic about learning about the many different applications for keto, fasting and MCT tools? These video trainings cover a range of topics to give you more clarity on what the science supports vs. does not currently.
  • Learn from Anywhere: Our video trainings area works on desktop, mobile or tablet. So you can login and study or listen in the background to any video training conveniently when it works for you.

#3 Lower Cost Keto, Fasting & MCT Products

  • 10% Discount on Ketosource Orders: Accelerate members benefit from a 10% discount on any shop purchases or product subscriptions. This helps to give you access to any of the keto, fasting or MCT supports that will help you with your journey. You save more than more than the whole Accelerate subscription costs with just one order per month.
  • Excluded Services: A few services don't benefit from this discount. These include the Ketosource Accelerate programs, the DEXA Scan and Keto Meal Delivery services.