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    • Ketonix analyses breath ketones.
    • 2 versions of the product available.
    • Can be used on its own or connected to the software.
    • To be used by those who are following a Ketogenic Diet.


Ketonix is a technical device that analyses breath ketones (acetone). It is designed to be used only by those who are following a Ketogenic Diet (Low Carb High Fat Diet). The reason is the body does not produce many ketones while eating a lot of carbohydrates. Ketone production is initiated exclusively when carbs are low.

For most accurate results, you should follow a ketogenic diet which may include restricting carbs down to possibly under 20 grams.


Ketonix USB product is easy to use and has many benefits:

  • Indicates your ketone production by analysing your breath.
  • Powered by a computer with an USB port, USB charger 5V or a 5V battery with USB port.
  • User calibration is available with software.
  • Record breath ketone readings locally or to an online account.
  • A reusable instrument.


This presentation from the creator of Ketonix, Michel Lundell, in early 2016 in San Diego compares the Ketonix, and breathe ketone measurement, with other methods.

Connect the device to the software. To get consistent measurements, it is important to follow the same steps each time.

  • Do not make a deep inhale before the exhale.
  • Breath normally as if you are relaxed.
  • After exhaling and before inhaling, empty the remaining part of the air into the device.
  • The exhale should be at least 15 seconds and should contain the last air in your lungs (best results are typically had when you exhale more than you think you need to).

The results are then indicated through a Visual Spectrum from the device which gives feedback on what level of ketosis you are in.