Keto Kookie
Keto Kookie
Keto Kookie
Keto Kookie

Keto Kookie

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    • Low Glycemic keto product
    • Three flavours: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle
    • Each pack has 2 cookies
  • GF Gluten Free
  • GM GMO Free
  • K Ketogenic


Keto Kookie is a new Low Glycemic keto product on the market. These cookies are available in three flavours: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. They are ready-made cookies that can be used at any time of day as a part of your keto diet.

Each pack contains two cookies.


This product is Gluten-free and uses natural sweeteners monk fruit extract and erythritol, which makes them Low Glycemic. They have only 1.4g of net carbs per cookie.

Keto Kookies contain MCT oil which helps improve the immune system, digestion and cognitive function.

Important note:
Keto Kookies contain dairy, egg, almond, soy, tree nuts. The product is processed on equipment that also processes peanuts.
In case you are allergic to some of the above, do not consume this product.

Ingredients: Blanched almond flour, Erythritol, Almond butter, Sugar free chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, inulin, stevia extract, organic soy lecithin, vanilla), Grassfed unsalted butter, Egg, Cacao Powder, Monkfruit extract, Coconut Flour, Vanilla extract, Coconut oil, MCT oil, Sodium bicarbonate, Sunflower lecithin, Salt, Xanathan gum, Guar gum.