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    • fatCoffee is a blend of healthy fats used to make a creamy butter coffee
    • 100% Grass-Fed, Certified Organic Butter & Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Ghee made from 100% grass-fed butter
    • Great for travels
  • GM GMO Free
  • K Ketogenic


fatCoffee is a product used for making rich and creamy butter coffee. It is a mix of healthy fats:

  • Ghee made from 100% grass-fed, organic and non-GMO butter
  • Organic, wet-milled, virgin coconut oil
  • Pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil
  • Whole powdered milk from pasture-raised goats

All the ingredients are organic and of the highest quality. The proprietary blend uses no preservatives, stabilisers nor any artificial ingredients.

The product has Ghee instead of butter to eliminate the need to for refrigeration. This allows bringing fatCoffee packets wherever you go - without having to worry about storage.

The product comes in 8 single-serving packets per box. It is designed to be easy to prepare. A cup of butter coffee can be ready in less than 60 seconds, with just a thermos.


Using fatCoffee has many health benefits:

  • Grass-fed cow's milk has a great Omega-3-to-Omega-6 fatty acid ratio
  • Ghee from the grass-fed cows has a great fatty acid and nutritional properties
  • Ghee is rich in Vitamins A, D, E and Vitamin K
  • Coconut oil reduces appetite and helps to increase energy
  • Coconut oil also helps burn more fat
  • MCT oil provides additional energy boosting and fat-burning attributes

The packets are convenient for travels.

This product is packaged in individual serving-sized packets to ensure freshness and shelf-stability. Each package contains 8 1-oz (30 ml) servings. The packages are ready to mix with coffee or another hot beverage of your choice.

Add it to your favourite coffee and shake it up for 30-40 seconds, until you get a creamy butter coffee.

fatCoffee has around 300 calories per serving. A single serving contains about 1/2 tablespoon of MCT oil, which is made from coconut oil. If consumed in too large a quantity, it can cause digestive discomfort.

INGREDIENTS: Organic ghee, organic coconut oil, MCT oil, whole powdered goats’ milk, Organic cocoa butter, organic ground vanilla bean.

Contains: milk, soy.