Data-Driven Keto Coaching (Monthly Subscription)

Data-Driven Keto Coaching (Monthly Subscription)

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Our advanced program optimizing your glucose/ ketone metabolism via the latest lab testing and devices such as Continuous Glucose Monitors. Suitable for peak performance and healthspan and lifespan maximization.

This program is focused on optimizing your metrics over time with a detailed review and tracking of progress to show quantitative (thus validated) improvement.

We provide specialized coaching on leveraging ketones, ketosis, ketogenic diets and fasting protocols to achieve goals such as performance enhancement, longevity promotion, inflammation reduction and fat loss.

Our monthly subscription is designed to provide complete accountability, follow up and support to ensure you continue to make progress and get results (and that these results are validated in labs). This is done via:

  1. Personalized Keto Results Blueprint: After the call we send you a short document summarizing the specific changes you need to make, specific lab tests and tracking that will provide actionable information for you, meal plans and summary of what you learned on the call. This is your reference blueprint for getting the results you're looking for.
  2. 24/7 Email Coaching: You will have access to your coach via email throughout the month to follow up with questions, clarifications, problems or support. Whatever else you need.
  3. Weekly Coaching Call Drop-Ins: You can also schedule weekly conference calls of 15 minutes to give you extra support, accountability, troubleshooting and motivation. We find this very effective, so encourage everyone to schedule with us a specific time/ day of week to do these follow up calls. This has been very effective in ensuring people get the results they're looking for.

Please Note: The coaching subscription does not include lab test costs. It includes detailed design, reevaluation and interpretation of lab results. However, the labs themselves or tracking devices will be at your cost. We will provide you advice on what makes sense from a cost/ benefit perspective - so that any lab costs you end up paying for provide value to you.

Through coaching we help you to:

  • Define a set of labs and metrics that will provide actionable information to optimize for your personal goals.
  • Understand what labs and metrics are useful currently and which are not - and which are relevant to your goals.
  • Optimize ketosis with minimal adjustments to diet and lifestyle
  • Provide clear guidelines for use (or not) of any ketone promoting supplements to achieve goals (e.g. C8 MCT, exogenous ketones)
  • Guidance and coaching on fasting protocols (Intermittent Fasting, Periodic Fasting, Cyclic Fasting, Fast Mimicking Diet) to meet body composition, regeneration and longevity goals.

Logistics: After check-out you will receive an email from us to schedule your call at your convenience (if you have not already scheduled your time in with us).

Video-based coaching: You may use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Amazon Alexa devices for our video coaching sessions.