Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Capsules

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Capsules


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    • Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Capsules package contains 10 capsules.
    • Provides instant energy and mental focus.
    • Supports regenerative antioxidant processes in the body.
  • GM GMO Free


Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Capsules are a new version of the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee. The product is now available in the form of capsules.

The beans originate from Central America (Guatemala). Experienced coffee harvesters hand-pick every bean and no chemicals, herbicides nor pesticides are used in the production of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee.

To remove the outer layer of the bean, the usual techniques include leaving coffee beans in the sun to dry or using hard-pressing methods. Consequently, all of the aforementioned techniques produce significant levels of mould toxins.

Bulletproof uses a proprietary process to produce coffee beans, during which they medium roast the beans in small batches under the strictest conditions. This ensures minimal formation of toxins in the process. Roasting the coffee beans enhances their natural antioxidant capacity and flavour.

Furthermore, the final roast undergoes lab testing to verify that it meets the purity standards.

As a result, by drinking Bulletproof Coffee your body and mind receive extra energy and mental focus. It also supports regenerative antioxidant processes in the body.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Capsules package contains 10 capsules. Store the product in a cool, dark and dry place.

Bulletproof is a company from the USA. Their mission is to help people perform better, think faster and live better lives in general. They achieve this through a production of top quality products using a mix of knowledge and brand new technologies.


Follow the original Bulletproof recipe to enjoy a brewed cup of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee in less than 60 seconds.

Step 1: Brew
Brew 1–2 capsules to desired strength. You can add up to 250 ml of hot water to your brewed coffee to make an Americano.

Step 2: Bulletproof Blend
Add 15–30 ml (1–2 tablespoons) of grass-fed, unsalted butter. If you are new to Bulletproof Coffee, add 4 ml (1 teaspoon) Bulletproof Upgraded Octane Oil to your coffee. Gradually increase each day up to 15–30 ml (1–2 tablespoons).

Blend for 20–30 seconds until coffee is creamy and frothy.

Ingredients: 100% Roasted and Ground Coffee